Friday, June 27, 2008


We decided to go on vacation this summer and we are going to drive out to Virginia!!!! B is so excited to get to see the ocean but it a little worried about the sharks? A is not quite old enough to know what is going on but he will be thrilled to get to go for a ride. Thank God our kids are great travelers (in the car) otherwise I don't think we would venture this far from home.

In other news....I am thinking about entering a Design Team Contest....wish me luck!!!

Hope to be adding more LayOut ideas soon....Thanks:)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Some New Stuff

Sorry it has been so long but here are some new LO ideas:

1-12x12 patterned paper
1-8x9.5 cardstock
1-7x8.5 patterned paper
2-2x4 paper (your choice of pp or cs)
1-3 pieces of chipboard
2-4 embellishments
Title and Journaling are free.....

1-12x12 cardstock
2-3x10.5 patterned paper
1-5x6.5 cardstock
3- stacked shapes (meaning a shape layered atleast 2 times and embellished)
12 inch piece of ribbon...can be cut but must be 12 inches
Title and Journaling are free.......

1-12x12 piece of patterned paper
1-10.5x10.5 piece of cardstock
3-1.5x10 pieces of patterned paper
12-brads or eyelets
1- 2x2 embellished item (can be a deco shape, chipboard shapes, embellished tags, etc)
Title and Journaling are free......

I am going to work on mine tomorrow....I hope....I will post them if I get them done.....Hope you have fun working on these....Thanks:)

Monday, June 2, 2008

oh man life has gotten in the way...

So it has been ONE MONTH since I have posted!!!! I have been pretty busy...Stampin' Up parties, the kids, travel to see family, and so on. I am going to try to post some new page ideas this week so check back later.

Also...on the Stampin' Up front...I am willing to do online parties, catalog parties, or in home parties...if you are in the area; or if you want to order or SIGN up to be a demo yourself.....