Friday, April 25, 2008

So very sorry....

Ladies and Gents....So very sorry I have not been on for a while. I have been having troubles logging into my posting was out of the question...I have drawn a name from the March of Dimes/SU blog candy give away. When I get some time this afternoon I will post the winner in an official post...LOL!!! I will also be posting some more challenges. Thanks everyone for checking in...I promise check back this afternoon to see who won the CANDY!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Over!!!

So my first card workshop is all over with...turned out pretty good if I say so myself. There were 15 in attendance (more than I was expecting) and we made 8 cards each. Most of them had never stamped or scrapbooked before so in all it went very well. The space was limited so I moved stations instead of people...that was interesting. Let's just say, I would love to do this again but next time I am going to be way more organized in general and will start working on the next batch of cards....NOW!!!
I think I am going to venture into the possibilities of and try to market myself a little bit;)
I am really wanting to get to scrapbooking and am also thinking of hosting a Calendar workshop!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cards from Stampin' Up Supplies....of course;)

These are some of the cards I have made for my first card workshop tonight. I still have a few more to get together but I just wanted to post these since they are done. The first (red) one is a good one for a friend the saying is, "always time for you"; the second and third(blue) one is a Get Well card and can hold a bag of tea or some band-aids; the fourth (green) one is a Happy Birthday card. I hope all the ladies that are coming like these. Most of them are first time stampers/scrappers and I needed something more simple yet nice.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Challenges and some THANKS!!!

First of all I want to say "THANKS" to the gals whom I do not know who donated to my son's March of Dimes walk and to all those who have recently visited my Blog....Remember you can still get entered into my Stampin' Up Blog Candy Giveaway (see post below.)

I got to do some scrapbooking....mainly my 3 year old son helped me cut a bunch of shapes with my Expression...he {hearts} that thing.

I did start a page and am excited to get to finish it. So I am going to give some new challenges out. I would also be very excited to see any of the layouts you complete using my challenges. Sorry I have been busy with things...we thought we were going to buy a house (turns out: house is in need of ALOT of work), kids have been wild and I hate to be stuck in house with them on cold weekend days, laundry has reared it's ugly head and made a pile, and I have just been uncreative lately.

1- 12x12 cardstock
1- 9x9 decorative edge paper
1- 5x5 patterned paper
1- 5x5 patterned paper
1- Picture only (any size)
Brads and chipboard may be used.
Title and Journaling are free as is inking of paper edges.

1- 12x12 cardstock
1- 2x12 patterned paper
2- patterned paper photo mats for 4x6 pictures (use these to mat pictures)
1- 3x3 or 4x4 patterned paper photo mat ( mat a photo with this)
Ribbon and eyelets may be used
Title and Journaling are free as is inking paper edges.

Find a picture that you can make a Layout with using a favorite song or just a song that goes with the picture.

Make your own patterned paper (examples: use markers, doodle, stamp, use something textured to ink with) I would love to hear ideas or see photos of this challenge.....Post a comment of some things to use or that you have used. I would love to try aluminum foil or plastic wrap? Interested? Now go try it;)

Good Luck with these!!!! Til' next time......~Sarah~

Thursday, April 3, 2008

GIVE A WAY!!!! and March of Dimes Madness!!!

First off let me say how excited I am to be able to help raise money for such an awesome cause....The March of Dimes helped my son in 2004 when he was born 4 weeks early.

Here is Brody born 4 weeks early spending 10 days in the NICU

Since then he has blossomed into a rowdy little man...

Here is Brody during a trip to the Mall spending some time playing!!!

So this year is the first year he is officially helping to raise money with me. In the last 3 years I have been in the TOP 5 money raising walkers in our area and this year I am hoping he can make the list with me. So please check out his website to see just how much he has raised and leave him a comment on my blog.
For everyone who leaves a comment on my blog about how much he has raised ($ amount needed in comment) you will be entered into my 1st ever BLOG CANDY giveaway!!!
If you feel you would care to donate to this cause and do so through my son's will get 2 extra 3 entries total.
Contest will run through APRIL 18th.....My son will pick a random persons name to win an AWESOME PRIZE of Stampin' Up products!!!!
My main goal is to raise awareness for the March of Dimes and get people to go out and walk in there local chapters March for Babies annual walk.
Thanks so very much, Sarah

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Challenge Number 1:

12x12 patterned paper
8x8 cardstock
2 pictures (only)
3 chipboard or flowers embellished with ribbon (meaning tie a piece of ribbon on each of them)
Title and journaling are free.
You can also ink or alter the edge of the 8x8 sheet of paper

Challenge Number 2:

12x12 cardstock
1x3 patterned paper
3x4 patterned paper
3x7 patterned paper
5-7 shaped embellishments (big or small as long as they are a shape)
Title and journaling are free

Challenge Number 3:

12x12 cardstock
4.5x12 cardstock
3- 1.5x10 patterned paper (don't have to be the same)
2- 1.3 x9 patterned paper (don't have to be the same)
Title and journaling are free and you can ink any edges. Embellish as you wish:)

more will be add later


Okay ladies and gents (if there are any)....I am going to post new challenges this afternoon but I wanted to show you what I did all weekend or part of the weekend....a couple trips to Target, a trip to Archivers and a LSS on the way home....Oh so much fun!!!! I will show you later what was waiting for me when I got home...My hubby would kill me if he knew:)